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Barrière Darmen voor Worst Amitex Elite-S

Artikelcode: P1007873

AMITEX Elite S is developed for production of pasteurized and sterilized products of long-period storage.

The products packed into AMITEX Elite S casing – sterilized sausages, pates and other meat products – can be considered as “canned food in a soft packaging”.

The unity of terms of thermal treatment (sterilization) of the product and barrier characteristics of the casing AMITEX Elite S gives an opportunity to produce the products with extended consumer properties such as freshness, flavor, fragrance and appearance.

AMITEX Elite S casing has the following advantages in comparison with a traditional packaging for canned foods (metallic and glass):

• Wide range of calibers available gives an opportunity to produce the products of full range of weight;

• Wide range of colors of the casing and printing possibilities;

• No sealing line;

• No inner and outer corrosion;

• Minimal weight of packaging, high thermal characteristics;

• Simplicity of recycling and environmental safety;

• Simplicity of opening of packaging.

Colors: Clear, white, brown, red, gold, light-gold, dark-gold, bronze, cream, yellow, black.

Printing: One color, Multicolor, Full color, UF, UF-CMYK

Supply: The casing is supplying in rolled form (on spool) or shirred.

€1,00 per eenheid; €1,00 per doos (ex BTW)